Peter Trommler


Professor at Georg Simon Ohm University Nuremberg (FH), Faculty of Computer Science.

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Courses in Summer 2012

Computer Communications (Bachelor IS)

Web Application Security elective in Bachelor CS, MCS, and IS

Courses in Winter 2011/12

Algorithms and Data Structures (Bachelor IS)

Formal Methods in Software Engineering (Master CS)

Java Cards elective in Bachelor CS, MCS, and IS (intensive course)

Research Areas

I am interested in Web application security and smart card applications and secure software engineering and access control policies and computer networks.

Recent Publications

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Recent Projects

Ohm File System

File systems with off-line mode or disconnected operation have been around for quite a while. Most of the projects on Linux are no longer actively maintained.

The goal of the Offline FileSystem (or Ohm Filesystem, OFS) is to support disconnected mode on top of any networked file system. OFS is based on FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) and will support pluggable and user configurable re-integration modules.

For more Information: OFS-Wiki.

Low Cost Anti Phishing Device

Phishing and Trojan Horses are an ever increasing threat to online-banking. The financial damage for banks, however, does not make programmable smart card terminals with built-in keyboards and displays or sophisticated secure signing environments like TruPoSign an economical option.

The low cost anti phishing device aims at building a smart card terminal with a keyboard and an 80 character display using COTS components. A simple design and minimal functionality make it both low cost and more secure. It will not be pretty but neither is your bank's safe.

Professional Activites

Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Peter Trommler
Georg Simon Ohm University Nuremberg
Faculty of Computer Science
Kesslerplatz 12
90489 Nürnberg

E-Mail: peter.trommler at
Phone: +49-911-5880-1663
Fax: +49-911-5880-5666
Office: Q 505, Campus 4, Hohfederstr. 40, Nuremberg

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